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Last year, the Chevrolet 2016 Camaro brought a new concept, called ‘dynamic ambient lighting’, to the auto internal lighting market. Known as ‘Interior Spectrum Lighting’, the system offers 24 different ambient lighting effects throughout the interior of the car, including door panels, dashboard, and even cup holders. Learn more

Automotive displays

In preparation for the upcoming conference on Automotive Display Systems, Automotive IQ sat down with industry experts from Volvo, TEAGUE and IHS MArkit to talk about latest developments and future trends of advanced suspension systems - autonomous driving, electrification and lightweight technologies. Learn more


According to many experts in the field of generational wireless, the coming fifth generation (5G) major upgrade will create the actual Internet of Things, a concept of connected machinery that heretofore has been a scattered collection rather than a cohesive system. Learn more

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AUTOSAR, a partnership of leading organizations in the automotive industry, produces standardized open software architectures for automotive electronic control units (ECUs). It has developed new C++ coding guidelines for engineers who are developing software components according to its new adaptive platform specifications. Learn more


As we move towards fully autonomous driving, considerations of the interface between the human and the machine becomes increasingly important, as millions of lines of software determines the controlling and displaying of the cars. Automotive IQ presents this free 50-page eBook focusing on Automotive HMI, giving you a plethora of information in the form of articles, interviews and industry insights. Learn more

intelligent network

As leading economies around the world push to achieve their smart city ambitions, their public transport systems and road networks are becoming the targets of massive investment and restructuring initiatives designed to achieve true “smart mobility”. The US intelligent transportation systems industry generates more than $48 billion in revenue for the US economy. Learn more

future of smart mobility

Get to know Smart Mobility 2018 speaker Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering, Princeton University in this short interview where he shares how he sees the future of smart mobility heading, his priorities, key challenges, and more! He additionally is the Director of Princeton's Transportation Program and the Faculty Chair of Princeton's Autonomous Vehicle Engineering. Learn more


In recent years 48 volt technology has been identified as an answer to some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry, and we are beginning to see the fruition of development in this area. Learn more


Automotive IQ gathered the latest top 10 stories on 5G network for automotive. Learn more

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Diesel emission regulation is a highly contestable subject in Europe and the implementation of new real-driving test procedures can go a long way towards improving the nature of type-approval certification. Learn more

91 whitepaper results
of 10