In this video, get a feel of what its like to join our Automotive IQ Conferences! Hear from Dr. Hakan Sivencrona - Functional Safety Manager at Deplhi, Jules Rosheuvel - Quality & Safety Manager at Omron, and Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue - Chair of Software Engineering at University of Konstanz, and many more.For a full list of the... View now
In this video, check out the renowned who-is-who wall present at our Automotive IQ conferences!
In this video, get a feel for our speed-networking at our Automotive IQ conferences!
[Video] Agenda released: AutoRenew 2015
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Interview with Peter Bouten of Brace Automotive
IQPC's Joanna Scheffel caught up with development engineer, Peter Bouten of Brace Automotive and discussed the ISO 26262 standard.
Interview with John Favaro regarding ISO 26262
IQPC's Joanna Scheffel spent some time with John Favaro, senior consultant at Intecs spA. Mr. Favaro noted how important the new standard will be for legal issues later on as well giving some insight on the challenges the automotive industry is facing in implementing the ISO standard.
Interview with Pierre Metz
IQPC's Joanna Scheffel discussed strategies for cost reduction of implementing the ISO 26262 standard with Pierre Metz, Organizational Safety Manager at Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co.KG, Germany.
Interview with Kenneth Bandhoe
IQPC's Joanna Scheffel spent a few minutes with Kenneth Bandhoe, CEO/Functional Safety Manager, BAESIS Automotive BV, NL. They discussed what the new standard means for the industry and the benefits of having a safety standard introduced specifically for the automotive industry.
Interview with Roger Rivett about ISO 26262
Joanna Scheffel caught up with Roger Rivett of Jaguar/Land Rover and asked him about his experiences with the ISO 26262 standard. Roger has taken a leading role in our conferences on functional safety both as a presenter and an advisor.