01/31/2018 by Maciej Mrozek
In his presentation, Mr. Mrozek, Senior Design Engineer at Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., reveals the challenges in thermal management for electric buses manufacturers. Mr. Mrozek will also address the limitations of thermal management development, the complex and efficient recovery of waste heat and upcoming solutions in HVAC systems – ideas and challenges.
01/23/2018 by Nicolas Meilhan
In his presentation, Mr. Meilhan, Principal Consultant at Frost & Sullivan, will discuss the market outlook for e-motor technology. He will touch a variety of topics including the following: PHEVs are winning the sales battle over BEVs in Europe Expected decline in battery prices drove vehicle manufacturers to develop EV with higher electric range PHEVs offers the best trade-off compared to BEVs and FCEVs to replace the existing ICE vehicles in circulation FCEV not expected to be deployed at large scale before 2040
01/03/2018 by
thermal management
In his presentation, Mr. Noshin, Advisor of EUCAR Sustainable Propulsion Programme Board at European Council for Automotive (EUCAR), reveals the key challenges in next generation thermal management systems.
01/03/2018 by Alain Kornhauser
Alain Kornhauser
Get to know Smart Mobility 2018 speaker Dr. Alain Kornhauser, Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering, Princeton University in this short interview where he shares how he sees the future of smart mobility heading, his priorities, key challenges, and more! He additionally is the Director of Princeton's Transportation...
01/03/2018 by James Goss
In his presentation, Mr. Goss, Head of Research at Motor Design Ltd, reveals the key challenges for electric machines and existing vehicle architectures. Mr. Goss also presents a comparison between three machine topologies for a BEV application and topology choices for an optimal system solution. 
09/06/2017 by Mahesh Shinde
Steering Systems
In his presentation, Mr. Shinde, GM, HEAD – ERC (Indoor testing) at TATA MOTORS LIMITED, reveals the key challenges in integrating 48 V to automotive steering systems.
09/01/2017 by Mohamed Abbaz
system safety
In his presentation, Mr. Abbaz, Functional Safety Metier Manager at Valeo Active Safety Center, reveals the latest development in Safety Architecture Concept for Autonomous Driving System.
06/28/2016 by
Key trends in Lidar sensing technology for automotive applications, review the fundamentals of optical detection and ranging and explain the unique differentiators of Leddar, a next-gen Lidar technology delivering unmatched cost/performance ratio for automotive applications.
Wiring harnesses in the modern motor vehicle face challenges never before dreamt of: Not only do they have to transmit significantly more power, but they have to be lighter and more compact; and in the case of connected cars transmit packages of data leading manufacturers to evaluate new technologies and materials to meet the challenge.This...
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