Carlo Iacovini

Nearly 20 years experience leading business development, product management, sales and marketing, mainly in mobility industry. I worked at city level as internationally, managing companies, deploying services and opening new markets. Shared&digital mobility and electric vehicle technology have been pillars of my experience having designed, planned, run operations and product launch in EU and USA. 

Managing fleet of autonomous vehicles offers the unique opportunity to use a series of assets to increase the value of the business and develop multiple collateral business cases linked with the operations. Each asset can be owned/acquired/leased/ to run the business case and create more revenues streams...Full Article »
We are quite aware that future business model for car makers is mobility oriented more than car focused. All brands are moving to become miles/km providers, much bigger market than struggling selling cars to dealers and customers. Weekly news support this future.. but the focus of this post is more about the business side. How to make money in...Full Article »