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Autonomous cars are still making their way into the automotive marketplace, but they are becoming more and more common every year. It’s a fantastic change — experts are estimating that more autonomous cars on the road will reduce accidents by up to 90 percent, saving a potential 30,000 lives every year. What makes autonomous cars so much safer,...Full Article »
Computer hacking has been in the news a lot lately — the WannaCry hack that disabled medical computers earlier this year, the Ransomware programs that keep making the rounds and locking up personal and professional computers and others could almost make you too afraid to get online....Full Article »
Car Cloud Computing: cloud is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. It started with the virtual cloud where we store our photos and music, which can be easily accessed from any smart device. The “Internet of Things” trend allows us to connect a range of devices using the cloud, from smart appliances to phones, and now, cars....Full Article »