Christopher A.


Chris is the Chief Engineer for Cybersecurity Engineering in North America for the Electronics and Safety division of Delphi.  In this role, he leads the development of common hardware and software strategies for design of embedded control ECUs for powertrain, active safety, infotainment, and all product areas needing security to mitigate unauthorized access, data privacy, counterfeiting, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Prior to his lead role in cybersecurity Chris was Engineering Group Manager for the Delphi Serial Data Communications worldwide steering team. Key objectives included implementing J1850, CAN, Flexray, MOST, LIN, and Ethernet for in-vehicle use.

Chris graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. with a B.Comp.E. degree, and Purdue University in W. Lafayette, IN with a M.S.E.E. degree. He holds Professional Engineer Certification in the State of Indiana.