Thomas M. Kowalick has been in the center of the international debate over the use of event data recorder (EDR) black box technologies for more than seventeen years. He is the author of FATAL EXIT: The Automotive Black Box Debate (Wiley) and six other books covering EDR standardization, legislation and regulation. He was a member of the NHTSA EDR workings groups, helped create the NHTSA EDR research web site and was a panel member on the National Academies project for EDRs. He presented testimony to the National Academies study The Safety Promise and Challenge of Automotive Electronics and served as an expert witness for the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Government Accounting Office (GAO).  Kowalick is founder and president of AIRMIKA, Inc. located in Southern Pines, North Carolina and the Chair of the IEEE-SA Global Project 1616: Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorder Standard. 

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