Alain Clarinval

Five decades of Motorsports involvement from learning trades to engineering involvement.
Invented new aerodynamic features and new trends, most of these concepts are still in use today.
From small organizations and hands-on design, fabrication and development, worked for Factory Teams with major Motorsports involvements, making new grounds in aerodynamics concepts with a particular emphasis on Negative Lift Increase combined with Drag Reduction.

Specialist in race car wing design having simulated hundreds of wings for various applications since 1988 and the use of early CFD programs.
Aerodynamics design and development Iinvolvements in Indy Car, Formula 1, various GT categories, Sports Prototype cars and divers Junior Formula cars.
Developed mental skill for high pressure motorsports improvement needs as an efficient tool for aerodynamic development.
Work on various non-motorsports projects such as drag reduction on freight truck and on a new generation of wind energy harvest concept.
Work with light office and equipment footprint with flexibility to increase design and research capacity for new projects needs.