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IQPC Editorial Team
Read an interview with Dr. James Turner, Chief Engineer at Lotus Engineering. Lotus has traditionally been a leader in downsizing and turbocharged engine development. Learn about the company's four core focuses and how Lotus plans to continue to set itself apart. Download Now...Full Article »
Read through a roundtable interview that includes five different perspectives - OEM, Research, HMI Lab, Design and Tier 1 - on HMI from relevant, industry professionals. Topics discussed include personalized systems for shared vehicles, HUDs, challenges of EVs, and HMI strategies and solutions. Download Now...Full Article »
Ken Leisenring, Diesel Feature Calibration Manager, and John Bogema, Diesel OBD and SCR Calibration Supervisor at Ford Motor Company, USA chatted with IQPC in anticipation of our diagnostics conference. In their opinion, sensor durability and algorithm robustness will be key to having an overall cost-efficient solution. Read the whole interview...Full Article »
Henrik Hagström, Technology Development PM shares his experience with model-based diagnostics at Volvo Group Trucks Technology. For our interview he speaks about major challenges and future potentials. He explains how useful and important Model Based Diagnostics is in the development stage. Read the whole interview for a singular expert insight...Full Article »
Rob van Schaijk,R&D Manager Sensors & Energy Harvesters at Holst Centre / imec, the Netherlands explains the advantages of energy harvesting through sensors mounted on tires....Full Article »
Benoist Fleury, Product Marketing Director at Valeo Visibility Systems Lighting Systems Product Group explains how his company makes use of the advantages that LED and OLED technologies offer within automotive lighting design....Full Article »
Jack Pokrzywa, Director Global Ground Vehicle Standards atSAE International shares his expertise on international standards and the grid integration of EVs. He notes that, "the current challenge is that the advanced technologies related to vehicle electrification, i.e. battery technology are evolving so to select certain candidates for standards...Full Article »