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Will is the editor of Automotive IQ, responsible for managing its content and marketing strategy. Given his passion for all things car-related, he feels fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and learn from so many auto industry professionals. His background is in Innovation Policy and he has worked in both the healthcare and automotive sectors. Outside of work, Will is an avid skier and tries to find time for his other hobby - maintaining and modifying an old Swedish station wagon.

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Distracted driving accounted for approximately 421,000 injuries in motor vehicle accidents during 2012 in the U.S. (Distraction.gov - the official U.S. government website for distracted driving information). Some additionally alarming figures: 11% of all drivers under the age 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the...Full Article »
Coming from the U.S., the name 'Nýrburgring' holds an almost mythical quality to it as most of us have never been there. Anyone who is a car enthusiast and certainly fans of motorsport know of this legendary track. The Nordschleife has its own reputation and so many people compare the times set by production cars on the full circuit (...Full Article »
This morning, a colleague made me aware of a trend happening among owners of large pick-up trucks in the United States. The basic idea is that as a protest against the Obama administration's attempt at legislating via the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act, a number of pick-up truck owners have modified their vehicles...Full Article »
Last month, an amendment to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic was agreed upon which changed the language to the convention. Essentially it will allow a vehicle to be operated without the driver having full control. It seems like this amendment did not generate much attention in the mainstream media. I found one article from Reuters written a...Full Article »
Automotive IQ is focused on technical developments within the automotive industry but many members of our staff also discuss cars outside of work and we imagine it's the same for most of our members. For a number of years, when I lived in the U.S., I subscribed to European Car Magazine, had an annual print subscription to Rolling Magazine...Full Article »
According to Honeywell, passenger cars equipped with turbocharged engines are expected to increase by over 80% globally by 2017. Automotive IQ surveyed our international contacts working in turbocharging and engine development. Among other questions, we asked our audience what fuel saving potential they believe exists by utilizing new...Full Article »
Each year, companies spend their marketing budgets in a competition over 'the best Super Bowl ad of the year' and this year's Big Game left the ads as the main attraction. The auto industry usually comes up with some winners. After watching all of the auto ads that debuted during 'The Big Game,' the Automotive IQ team...Full Article »
Automotive IQ surveyed our international contacts working in the field of seating in order to learn what the experts believe are the major drivers of innovation, the biggest challenges for weight reduction and the latest developments in this segment as well as an R...Full Article »
Automotive IQ surveyed our international contacts working in the field of e-motors in order to learn what the experts think are the most promising markets and technologies looking ahead. We asked about market penetration for electric powertrains worldwide and asked about specific challenges facing this segment of the auto industry. Market...Full Article »
IntroductionInternal combustion engines (ICE) lose up to 70% of the energy they produce, mainly through heat. As fuel economy becomes more important for the auto industry each year and with the passing of increasingly stringent regulations, car manufacturers have had a watchful eye on an old concept known as the thermo-electric generator (TEG)....Full Article »
34 results
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