Chassis Systems
chassis system

Complexity, integration and electrification are the main drivers of modern chassis systems development. Gain insight into recent technology developments in steering and braking systems, suspension, tires and vehicle dynamics control. As these systems continue to integrate more electronic components, manufacturers are adopting processes to meet safety regulations such as the ISO 26262.

Contributor: Robert Gruszczynski
Posted: Wed, 05/16/2018
In his presentation, Mr. Gruszczynski, OBD Communication Expert at Volkswagen Group of America, will discuss current and potential future activities in methods of securing the Data Link Connector (DLC) (commonly referred to as the “OBD-II Port”) from the cybersecurity risks posed by the existence of this connector. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 05/08/2018
Steering Systems
In 1988 the motoring world hailed a new era in steering systems when Suzuki unveiled the Electric Power Steering (EPS) on the Cervo: In 2018 General Motors brazenly announced that by 2019 it will do away with the steering wheel completely when it releases the Level 5 Chevy Bolt - sans steering wheel and pedals! Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Tue, 04/17/2018
Braking systems
The recent news that an Uber self-driving test car caused a fatal traffic accident in Tempe, Arizona has once again thrown a spotlight on the safety of autonomous vehicles. The vehicle was in self-driving mode, with a human at the wheel, when it struck a pedestrian as she crossed the street Full Article »
Contributor: Constantin Giebel
Posted: Fri, 03/23/2018
In his presentation, Mr. Giebel, Development Engineer CAE at Ford-Werke GmbH, reveals the key challenges in suspension architectures for electric vehicles and light weighting trends. He will touch a variety of topics including the following:

Integration Suspension component optimization
Analytical tools and processes
Critical loadcases
Regional component requirements Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Tue, 03/20/2018
Reducing weight has become one of the hottest topics in the automotive manufacturing sector, driven largely by the need to reduce emissions to suit ever-decreasing targets. Body and drivetrain have come under intense scrutiny in the endeavour to save weight and an array of innovative concepts have been developed over recent years to achieve it. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Thu, 02/15/2018
autonomous drive
The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather data on the top trends, challenges and investments, when it comes to autonomous drive. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please take some time to reflect on each question addressed, and try to be as precise as possible. Your individual answers will remain confidential and they will be u Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Wed, 10/25/2017
The greater electrification of vehicles is a trend that continues at pace, and one that has led to a variety of innovations in recent years. Driven by ever more stringent emission targets, the move towards hybrid and electric cars has seen rapid development in electrical architecture in a number of sectors. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Thu, 08/31/2017
Automotive IQ’s Steering Systems conference is the only event to provide a comprehensive look at steering systems in the context of autonomous driving. IQPC Germany is proud to announce the return of the Steering Systems conference Series. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Thu, 08/31/2017
Automotive IQ’s Intelligent Braking Systems conference is the only event to provide a comprehensive look at braking systems in the context of autonomous driving. IQPC Germany is proud to announce the return of the Intelligent Braking Systems conference Series. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 08/22/2017
Although ADAS applications are still in their early days, original-equipment-manufacturers and their suppliers realize that automation will eventually become the main feature differentiating automotive brands, as well as one of their most important revenue sources. Moreover, many of the technologies that enable today’s ADAS offerings will filter through to fully autonomous vehicles, which are now a major source of research and development, both within OEMs and non-traditional high-tech players that have recently entered the automotive sector. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Mon, 07/10/2017
While active suspension systems have been around for decades, they never gained much traction outside of racing and high-end cars. They usually were too expensive to use more commonly. Also, the required array of sensors and servomechanisms for the hydraulic systems added weight and needed a lot of power. Full Article »
Posted: Tue, 06/06/2017
Lightweighting of vehicles has become one of the key trends in the automotive industry, as OEMs endeavor to meet future emission targets. Lighter cars enable the downsizing of engines, better performance and better fuel efficiency, and every sector within manufacturing is under scrutiny for weight reduction. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 05/09/2017
Everything from supercharging to power steering have been electrified to not only reduce emissions, but at the same time improve safety, reduce complexity and offer a better driving experience. Full Article »
Posted: Fri, 05/05/2017
Remanufacturing of Hydraulic Power Steering has played a significant and important role for OES and the automotive parts aftermarket industry over the last thirty plus years. With the technological advancements in vehicle systems and the shift to Electronic Power Steering (EPS), the viability of EPS remanufacturing is called into question. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Wed, 05/03/2017
Electric Power Steering (EPS) has come a long way from the early days when manufacturers fitted the system, primarily to overcome the parasitic losses associated with hydraulic power assistance. With the proliferation of Advanced Driver Assist Systems, OEMs are now able to add features which not only enhance performance but also significantly improve driver comfort. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 03/14/2017
Suppliers such as Germany’s Robert Bosch and Japan’s Denso have been developing EPS systems that are set to revolutionize the safety of future EPS. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Wed, 02/08/2017
For more than a century, motor vehicle suspension systems have been associated with ride and handling, but the rapid deployment of electric and hybrid cars has added a whole new dimension: To overcome EV customers’ range anxiety, engineers are turning to “regeneration” of energy. Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Wed, 01/04/2017
Self-driving vehicles present the next technological frontier in the automotive industry. Manufacturers and technology companies have clamored to tell us that we’re on the verge of being driven around by our cars, but when will autonomous vehicles truly be a reality? Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Tue, 08/30/2016
Automotive IQ gathered three intelligent tire industry experts, in order to review the current challenges, most important developments, the future of the market, and the impact semi-automated and automated driving has on the tire. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Wed, 08/10/2016
This modern day prophet, Elon Musk, first shared his latest vision, simply titled “Master Plan, Part Deux”, on the Tesla blog on July 20, 2016. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Mon, 07/18/2016
For many years U.S. regulators have been calling for more automation in motor vehicles. By fitting systems that apply the brakes to prevent a crash, or guide a vehicle on the highway, the Department of Transport hopes to see a dramatic reduction in road accidents. Full Article »
Posted: Mon, 05/30/2016
Digital disruption is migrating out of Silicon Valley and out onto America’s concrete arteries. It’s likely your company is already investing in connected car technology – but are you applying it to your suspension systems? Should you? Full Article »
Contributor: Tom Kowalick
Posted: Tue, 05/24/2016
Transportation technology is rapidly emerging and converging. Concepts such as autonomous vehicles and drones have become reality, while the legal and regulatory frameworks to support them are still in flux. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Thu, 03/24/2016
BMW finds itself entering a new disruptive digital age commonly called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Full Article »
Posted: Mon, 02/08/2016
The Best from Super Bowl 50
With Super Bowl 50 now over, and a congratulations to Denver Broncos being in order, Automotive IQ reviews the automotive commercials and picks out our 5 favourites. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 01/19/2016
Autonomous Driven Ethical Concerns
More than 90 percent of road accidents are caused by human error. If that’s correct, logic tells us that by removing the human element our roads should be safer? This makes sense, but then why has the cutting-edge Google self-driving fleet notched up 11 accidents over the 1.2 Million miles covered: more than twice the rate of cars driven by humans, according to a new study. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Mon, 01/11/2016
Looking ahead: Road-Preview suspension systems
Active suspension systems have come a long way since the world first took notice of them when Colin Chapman’s Lotus Formula one cars annihilated the opposition on the world’s race tracks. Strangely these were eventually banned because they were deemed to offer drivers an unfair advantage! This "unfair advantage" when applied to road vehicles translates to safety and unequaled ride and handling, which of course are very desirable features in a road going vehicle. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Mon, 12/14/2015
Peter Els
In June Google’s self-driving cars broke through the magical million mile mark. Over this distance these vehicles were involved in eleven accidents; eight during city driving and three on the freeway. None of these were the fault of the Google cars: The majority was as a result of rear-ending, although the cars have also been side-swiped and hit by a car rolling through a stop sign. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Mon, 11/30/2015
Moving towards the electrification of suspension systems for EV and HEV
According to research conducted by Navigant Research the global passenger vehicle market will show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4% between 2013 and 2020: In comparison HEVs will show a CAGR of 11.5%, PHEVs 31.9% and BEV’s will grow at 31.5% in the same period. Despite this positive forecast, EV’s face several challenges in gaining widespread acceptance; none greater than range anxiety, regardless of whether or not it’s real or perceived. Currently no EV has a range over 500 km, significantly less than that of conventional vehicles. However, Tesla Motors’ CEO, Elon Musk, recently announced that Tesla would address this by increasing the range of the Model S to 1000km by 2017. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 10/06/2015
Green Tires designed to meet future demands for Electric Vehicles and Hybrids
Current tire technology studies point to a growing market for hybrids, which could account for as much as eight percent by 2020. With this in mind manufacturers features a range of newly developed technologies. Full Article »
Contributor: Rolf Johansson
Posted: Wed, 09/30/2015
Hazard Identification
Interview with Dr. Johansson: How to translate and ensure functional safety - the critical next step for autonomous systems in automotive. Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Mon, 09/28/2015
Steer-by-Wire 2015: What’s driving the Technology?
Why is there a disparity between apparent consumer demand and manufacturers’ desire to use drive by wire technology? Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Mon, 09/21/2015
2015 Frankfurt Motor Show
This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show has perhaps seen more new vehicles introduced by OEM’s than ever before, along with a variety of innovative concepts based around new ideas and new technology. Full Article »
Contributor: David Shaw
Posted: Tue, 09/15/2015
Tire Tariffs trigger Price Competition
The world’s tire industry is waking up to fierce price competition, driven by tire makers in China selling below cost. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Sun, 09/06/2015
Bridgestone showcases latest innovations and technologies at Frankfurt Moto Show
One of the world’s largest tire and rubber company - Bridgestone - returns to the Frankfurt Motor Show with an impressive display of innovative tires and technologies. Full Article »
Contributor: Alexander Mankowsky
Posted: Mon, 08/24/2015
Alexander Mankowsky
Interview with Daimler Futurologist: Why should we be looking forward to the new age of autonomous mobility and how can we as a society intelligently make the transition to this new technology. Full Article »
Posted: Mon, 08/17/2015
INFOGRAPHIC: EPS Industry Outlook 2015
Market estimates of key regions such as Europe and North Americas, product portfolio of chassis system suppliers, Functions of interest to key global OEMs and consumer trends to steering systems. Full Article »
Contributor: Gretchen Miller
Posted: Tue, 08/11/2015
Gretchen Miller
Gretchen N. Miller focuses her practice in complex commercial litigation, including class action and product liability litigation in court. Automotive IQ asked her about ISO 2626 and the legal landscape of product recalls and product liability law. Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Mon, 08/10/2015
Jaguar Thumbnail
The Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 opens next month and the world’s automakers are gearing up for one of Europe’s most prestigious motoring events. Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Mon, 07/13/2015
Mercedes has revealed a raft of new information about the 2017 E-Class and its advanced safety technology and autonomous driving features set to be included in next year’s model. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Mon, 06/08/2015
Peter Els
Could the father of social commentary, Bob Dylan, have been thinking of the motor industry when he penned these thought provoking words in the ‘60’s? Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 05/26/2015
Hybrid AWD vehicles push the dynamic boundaries
Hybridization opens up a plethora of vehicle dynamics that have never been available with conventional powertrains. Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Tue, 04/21/2015
Transmission Update: Improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions
ZF is the world's first transmission manufacturer to develop a sophisticated automatic passenger car transmission with nine gears. The high efficiency and CO2 emission reduction coming along with it are outstanding. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Thu, 02/05/2015
New Bridgestone Tire Development: Faster, tougher, more flexible
The Agricultural tire development group at Technical Center Europe (TCE) developed and tested an innovative Bridgestone VT-TRACTOR. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Tue, 02/03/2015
Future Developments of Automotive Braking Systems
The rapid development of technical materials has afforded engineers the freedom to experiment with new technologies and processes. Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Mon, 02/02/2015
EPS Technology Report
Power steering has become so commonplace in our vehicles today that we tend to take it for granted, but the automotive industry does not stand still, and hydraulic power steering is slowly being replaced by electric systems. Full Article »
Contributor: David Shaw
Posted: Tue, 12/02/2014
David Shaw

This column will appear in early December, as much of the world's tire industry is in Shanghai for the Reifen China 2014 rubber tech fair.

I'll be there and I know what the main topic of conversation is going to be: The dual impact of countervailing duties and anti-dumping measures brought by the United States Government on light vehicle tires Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Thu, 10/23/2014

Earlier this month Audi unveiled the TT Sportback Concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show 2014. Billed as a speedy sports car with four seats and five doors, the Sportback concept was revealed alongside the new TT Roadster and TTS Roadster, which have been revamped for 2015. All three vehicles, when available, will benefit from Audi’s innov Full Article »
Contributor: Peter Els
Posted: Mon, 09/29/2014
Peter Els

In 2013, for the first time in history, China led the world in domestic vehicle sales. However in contrast to soaring domestic demand, overseas orders for China-made vehicles fell, thwarting the country’s plans to become a major auto exporter.

Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

Recently released data from China Association of Automo Full Article »
Contributor: Colin Pawsey
Posted: Thu, 07/31/2014
Top 10 Car Manufacturers: BMW AG

#8: BMW AG

A Brief History

BMW’s roots can be traced back to two companies – Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG (BFW), and the Rappe Moterenwerke Company – which eventually merged to become Bayerische Moteren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works). BMW’s famous logo has been in use since 1917, and sports the blue and white state Full Article »
Posted: Wed, 06/25/2014
Designing the Sound Experience with NVH Simulation
Creating the perfect vehicle sound is a critical challenge that needs the buy-in of diverse decision-makers to establish targets, and greater inter-departmental collaboration to realize them. Free-driving sound simulation captures subjective sound preferences with real-time modification. It helps to cascade that target sound down to subsystem or co Full Article »
Posted: Wed, 04/02/2014
Steering Systems 2013 Post Conference Report
Enjoy reading our post conference report of the successful 2013 event held in Frankfurt, Germany. This report gives an overview of the topics of the conference, the keynote speakers, as well as a cross-section of the participants and the organizations which they represented. Full Article »
Contributor: Paul Nieuwenhuis
Posted: Thu, 12/12/2013
Paul Nieuwenhuis

"The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, incomplete." (Marshall McLuhan)

Many observers – including many in the car industry – treat the car as a transport mode, or at least they often present their arguments as if they do. In reality, transport is only part of the car system. The car is at le Full Article »
Posted: Tue, 10/01/2013
Tire Labeling Infographic
A first for Automotive IQ, this is an interactive infographic on Tire Labeling. Contained within is an overview of the legislation in different regions around the world, the criteria used for the labels, challenges and consumer expectations. Hover over the different icons to get more information on each topic. The infographic also links to an inter Full Article »
Posted: Thu, 03/14/2013
Chassis Systems Control: Driver Assistance Systems - How Much Support Do German Drivers Want?
Driver assistance systems can help to reduce the number of accidents and road fatalities by helping to create more predictable vehicle dynamics, alerting drivers to road hazards or inattentive driving as well as by acquiring a certain amount of control when an accident is imminent.This whitepaper details a Bosch study on driver assistance systems a Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Sun, 12/23/2012
Automotive Technology Resource Center

Automotive Technology Resource Library
Our automotive technology resource center serves as a hub for all of our related conferences forums and social media outreach as well as articles, expert interviews, whitepapers and presentations focused on the automotive industry. Content is organized into topic categories for ease of navigation and to giv Full Article »
Contributor: Automotive IQ
Posted: Thu, 11/29/2012
Automotive Engineering Resource Center

Automotive Engineering Whitepapers and Presentations

Automotive IQ features whitepapers and presentations about relevant, important topics from the auto industry. Our content comes from a variety of sources in academia and from our OEM and supplier contacts. Automotive IQ also engages in its own research through expert interviews and surveys Full Article »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: Fri, 11/23/2012
IQPC Editorial Team
Rob van Schaijk,R&D Manager Sensors & Energy Harvesters at Holst Centre / imec, the Netherlands explains the advantages of energy harvesting through sensors mounted on tires. Full Article »
Contributor: Rebecca Maschke
Posted: Wed, 11/21/2012

Dr. Koppers defines brake squeal as a problem as old as the disc brake. IQPC asks if there are any developments coming up to solve the problem. Full Article »
Posted: Wed, 11/21/2012
Cost-Effective Skyhook Control for Semiactive Vehicle Suspension Applications
Skyhook control, which is now widely applied to vehicle suspension control, requires two sensors to measure sprung mass acceleration and relative displacement, respectively. In the practical implementation, these two measurement signals are converted into corresponding velocities; then per the skyhook control policy the velocities are employed to d Full Article »