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Posted: 11/29/2017
Job: Automotive IQ
Company: Automotive IQ

According to many experts in the field of generational wireless, the coming fifth generation (5G) major upgrade will create the actual Internet of Things, a concept of connected machinery that heretofore has been a scattered collection rather than a cohesive system. Cars (and larger vehicles) are quickly becoming stand-alone computer servers, but the next step makes them capable of becoming communication centers, entertainment complexes and full-service electronic outlets. Strong connections to satellites through GPS are being improved continually, but the 5G computing connections will be reliable enough for vehicle-to-vehicle alerts, which will become the top safety feature in or on the vehicle. Aircraft being targeted for more connected flight, so much so that it is hoped planes will become their own worldwide network. The same is hoped for cars and trucks, and sooner rather than later.


Top 10 stories you might have missed on 5G

  • network of the future
  • industry disruption
  • 5G requirements to the auto industry

Wrapping  Europe in a 5G network

  • better understanding on the latest proceedings in 5G standardization
  • europe’s cohesive approach to the roll out of 5G
  • ensuring homogenous 5G coverage across the EU

5G connections: Cars become travelling networks

  • challenges faced by the automotive industry
  • discussions about the future potential of 5G in the context of autonomous driving nano-scaled
  • antennae to detect  hundreds of devices at once
  • updates on cyber security in 5G technology 

Concerns over the process of big amount of data in real-time

  • fast, reliable 5G unlocks Big Data for connected automated cars
  • 5G moves data to the edge in "Fog Computing"
  • satellite for 5G

Deutsche Telekom discusses 5G boosters for connected and automated driving

  • 5G boosters for connected and automated driving
  • quality of service in automotive mobile network slices
  • mobile edge computing and ultra reliability
  • cellular V2X direct communication
  • 5G features for precise positioning

Vodafone discusses the evolution to a fully 5G connected car

  • the evolution to a fully 5G connected and interconnected car
  • current connected car services and Vodafone’s role
  • next phase of automotive communication towards 5G
  • the long-term 5G connected car vision from a telecommunication perspective

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Posted: 11/29/2017
Job: Automotive IQ
Company: Automotive IQ