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Diesel emission regulation is a highly contestable subject in Europe and the implementation of new real-driving test procedures can go a long way towards improving the nature of type-approval certification.
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With Super Bowl 51 now over, and a congratulations to New England Patrios being in order, Automotive IQ reviews the automotive commercials and picks out our 5 favourites.
Twin Scroll Turbocharger
From the very first moment on, engineers tried to make internal combustion engines more efficient. Over time, forced induction via turbocharger has become a mainstay of this. But it hasn't always been like this.
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The Brexit shockwave: the impact on investments, import/export and the labour movement within the automotive industry
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Top 10 Most Congested Cities
In this new eBook, we reveal the 10 most congested cities, based on average hours wasted in traffic in 2015. Terrible traffic and tremendous time-waste!
The Speeding 9 - The Most Ticketed Cars on the Road Today
Download the report for some fun facts on speeding tickets, and a top 9 list of the most speeding-ticketed cars on the road today!
Tags: Speeding tickets | Top 9 cars
INFOGRAPHIC: Top Safety Hazards for Truck Drivers
Truck drivers face a lot of responsibility when on the road, having to control heavy cargo for hours a day. Unfortunately, injury is common for truck drivers. Car accidents, slips and falls, and contact with equipment can cause both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Many variables can cause these injuries, some of which can’t be prevented; Learn more
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eBook: The 10 World's Biggest Automotive Recalls
In this FREE and comprehensive 17 page eBook, we reveal the 10 biggest recalls in the global automotive industry based on number of cars affected by defects. We go into details on both historic and recent scandals, that has shakened the global automotive industry and left the public image of several OEM's damaged.
Tags: Automotive Recalls | Ford | Volkswagen | General Motors | Toyota | Honda | Takata
eBook: The 10 World's Biggest Automotive Companies
In this new eBook, we reveal the 10 biggest companies in the global automotive industry and explore the history of these giants, their current challenges in the modern industry and take a closer look at the top managers who lead them.
Tags: Top10 Automotive Companies | Volkswagen | Toyota | Daimler | General Motors | Ford | SAIC | Honda | BMW | Nissan | Hyundai
INFOGRAPHIC: Are European Carmakers Failing To Meet 2020 Emission Demands
Check out the INFOGRAPHIC to see who's doing well and who should step up efforts to meet future EU demands!
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