INFOGRAPHIC: In-Car Network Architecture 2020
Today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for automotive networking: The number of electronic components in cars has increased rapidly during the last few years.
Tags: Ethernet | BUS Systems
Bullet-Proof isoSPI Data Links Benefit Battery Systems
For reliability, performance and longevity of battery packs being engineered into HEV, PHEV and EV drive-trains, a key factor is the electronics employed in the battery management subsystem (BMS). To date, most pack designs are constrained to large, singular assemblies by the centralized nature of practical BMS hardware. In particular, the Read more
Tags: BUS Systems | isoSPI | Battery Management | CANbus | BMS | Serial Peripheral Interface
Vehicle Battery Cooling Simulation for Vehicle Range Studies with Passenger Comfort Requirements
This document explores the influence on the battery operation and vehicle range from battery operating temperature and demands from running air conditioning (passenger comfort) systems . Its discusses studies undertaken by work between the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and the Read more
Tags: Thermal Management | Mentor Graphics | Battery Electric Vehicles | EV/HEV | New European Driving Cycle | Flowmaster | 1D simulation
Thermal Management of an Electrical Vehicle Battery Packing Using 1D and 3D CFD
Introduction With the increased concerns over the future use of fossil fuels especially in automobiles, the rise of popular sentiment towards electric and hybrid electrical vehicles (EV) is no surprise. But there is still a major area of design challenge—batteries. As the primary means for storing the energy used for electrical vehicles, the Read more
Tags: Thermal Management | EV Battery | 1D & 3D CFD | Mentor Graphics
What is Behind an Automotive Plug?
Jeremy Horne wrote a detailed article for us on the anatomy of an often overlooked car component: the plug.
Tags: EV | HEV | connectors | Plug materials | Corrosion