Remanufacturing of Hydraulic Power Steering has played a significant and important role for OES and the automotive parts aftermarket industry over the last thirty plus years. With the technological advancements in vehicle systems and the shift to Electronic Power Steering (EPS), the viability of EPS remanufacturing is called into question.
Digital disruption is migrating out of Silicon Valley and out onto America’s concrete arteries. It’s likely your company is already investing in connected car technology – but are you applying it to your suspension systems? Should you?
The Best from Super Bowl 50
With Super Bowl 50 now over, and a congratulations to Denver Broncos being in order, Automotive IQ reviews the automotive commercials and picks out our 5 favourites.
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INFOGRAPHIC: EPS Industry Outlook 2015
Market estimates of key regions such as Europe and North Americas, product portfolio of chassis system suppliers, Functions of interest to key global OEMs and consumer trends to steering systems.
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Designing the Sound Experience with NVH Simulation
Creating the perfect vehicle sound is a critical challenge that needs the buy-in of diverse decision-makers to establish targets, and greater inter-departmental collaboration to realize them. Free-driving sound simulation captures subjective sound preferences with real-time modification. It helps to cascade that target sound down to subsystem or Read more
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Steering Systems 2013 Post Conference Report
Enjoy reading our post conference report of the successful 2013 event held in Frankfurt, Germany. This report gives an overview of the topics of the conference, the keynote speakers, as well as a cross-section of the participants and the organizations which they represented.
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Tire Labeling Infographic
A first for Automotive IQ, this is an interactive infographic on Tire Labeling. Contained within is an overview of the legislation in different regions around the world, the criteria used for the labels, challenges and consumer expectations. Hover over the different icons to get more information on each topic. The infographic also links to an Read more
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Chassis Systems Control: Driver Assistance Systems - How Much Support Do German Drivers Want?
Driver assistance systems can help to reduce the number of accidents and road fatalities by helping to create more predictable vehicle dynamics, alerting drivers to road hazards or inattentive driving as well as by acquiring a certain amount of control when an accident is imminent.This whitepaper details a Bosch study on driver assistance systems Read more
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Cost-Effective Skyhook Control for Semiactive Vehicle Suspension Applications
Skyhook control, which is now widely applied to vehicle suspension control, requires two sensors to measure sprung mass acceleration and relative displacement, respectively. In the practical implementation, these two measurement signals are converted into corresponding velocities; then per the skyhook control policy the velocities are employed to Read more
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