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Automotive IQ sat down with experts from Continental Automotive GmbH, co-shift GmbH, Benz + Walter GmbH and talked about the main challenges OEMs and Tier 1s have to face when they decide to become digital and next frontier of digitalization for Automotive.
Recent advances in biotechnology have allowed a new class of polymers to be developed. Made from renewable raw materials, these bio-based aqueous polyurethanes also demonstrate superior film performance to their fossil-fuel based predecessors.
Technology is transforming what carmakers can do with interiors. New mega trends will change how customers spend time in the cabin.
Since people spend more and more time in their vehicles, car interiors are becoming extremely important in car design. In this technical article Stefan Buri, Global Marketing Director Automotive, discusses Stahl’s next-gen car interior technologies that are used for the creation of the ‘3rd living space of the future’.
With ongoing technological innovations in the automotive section such as electric cars, the arrival of the self-driving car is a matter of time. This (r)evolution will undoubtedly bring about major challenges for the automotive industry.
INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Automotive Lighting Stories
Consortiums formed to push technology, high-end OLED setups winning awards, and a reported market growth at a CAGR of 9.3% between 2016-2022... A lot is happening in the automotive lighting space as we break into the Year of the Monkey. We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the most relevant news stories of the past few months - in an Learn more
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